AviBlue is an effervescent granulate used in the administration of in drinking water vaccines.  AviBlue is a water stabilizer comprising of neutralising agents that buffer the negative effects of hard water and residues of chlorination. If not addressed, these conditions could reduce the survival of live vaccines after re-suspension. In addition the deep blue colour given to the vaccine water enables visualisation of vaccine delivery.


For effective in drinking water vaccination the vaccine needs to survive after re-suspension in the drinking water. After live vaccines are re-suspended in tap water, the number of viable organisms reduces within a few hours. Sub-optimal water conditions such as hard water or residue chlorine accelerate this reduction. Using Aviblue is an effective counter measure to keep your vaccine alive longer and improve vaccination performance.


The deep blue colour given to the vaccine water by AviBlue allows for visualisation of water flow in the drinking line. The vaccination crews can detect the moment when the vaccine-mixed water reaches the end of the drinking lines. In addition, vaccination can be monitored as the stained water continues to flow through the drinkers. The uniformity of vaccination can be verified, by checking the birds for a blue stained tongue.


All ingredients of AviBlue are of food grade. Both the colouring and the water protection agents are used for human consumption and are safe for your birds.


Safety Data Sheet

AviBlue Safety Data Sheet