Pullet Holder

The Pullet Holder is a reusable handle which is paired with the Pullet Syringe to make up the Pullet Disposable Injection System. The Pullet Holder features a preset dosage volume for accurate and consistant injection of fowl and livestock.

The Pullet Holder comes with a pre-calibrated plunger that connects to a disposable syringe. Easiliy assembled the Pullet Holder (or handle) and Pullet Syringe together form a lightweight easy to use injection system. The syringe must be disposed of at the end of the vaccination day. It is recommended that the Pullet Holder, which can be used over a long period of time is disinfected after each session.

Availible in 3 fixed dose sizes:

  • 0.5ml dose (white) – for most inactivated vaccines
  • 0.2ml dose (black) – for Marek’s vaccination (layers and breeders)