Pullet Stereo Holder

The Pullet Stereo Holder is a specially designed reusable handle that holds two Pullet Syringes to allow for simultaneous injection of two inactivated vaccines.  Pullet Syringes are ordered sepratley and disposed of at the end of each vaccination day.


  • Delivers 2 x intramuscular injections simultaneously
  • Fixed dose of 0.5ml
  • Reusable
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The Pullet Stereo Holder gun is pre-calibrated to deliver two 0.5ml doses, via two disposible Pullet Syringes. Ideal for breast muscle vaccination of pullets with inactivated vaccines e.g. IB Inactivated and EDS before point of lay. The handling of birds with a double shot replaces the repetition of the same procedure.

Pullet Stereo Holder can be reused if properly disinfected between use.