Pullet Syringe

The Pullet Syringe is the disposable element used in conjunction with the Pullet Holder (holds one syringe), or the Puillet Stereo Holder (holds two syringes). This is non-washable and must be disposed of at the end of the vaccination day.

The Pullet Syringe includes a spike insertion, a suction tube and a flexible hose.

  • The spike is designed for use with vaccine bottles or bags hanging upside down. It is inserted through the rubber stopper, and there is no need to insert a needle on the side as the in-built filter allows air in.
  • The suction tube can be used if the bottle is in an up-right position, in this case, the suction tube is inserted through the rubber stopper and the use of an inlet – a Hypodermic needle is recommended.
  • The flexible hose connects to either the spike or suction tube at one end, and the Pullet Syringe at the other.