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In partnership with Biopacifica Laboratories we test your flocks for a range of relevant diseases to confirm its disease status.


Having a full range of poultry vaccines Pacificvet provides a comprehensive solution to the unique requirements of clients throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific. We can design a vaccination program detailing the appropriate products, administration and timing to meet the specific needs of your farm and its operations. With over 25 years’ experience in the prevention of poultry diseases Pacificvet provides trusted science based advice that you can rely on.


Proper vaccine administration is a key element to achieving uniform protection across your entire flock. Pacificvet can come to your farm and train staff on the principles of vaccination technique and give practical advice on the vaccination equipment options that best suit your needs. We also work closely in support of farm veterinarians providing technical support and detailed product information.


We can advise you on a monitoring program, where testing is used to confirm vaccination administration has been effective and flocks continue to be protected. Following up with ELISA testing after vaccination provides a measure of the flock’s immune response to the vaccine. These results are then interpreted by our Veterinarian providing the farm with important feedback on administration performance.